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Holiday Home Advertising

Holiday Home Owners and Agents you are all welcome to advertise with us.

Advertising Rates for a page listing on Complete Holidays


1 Property Listing costs just 50 or 60 or $80 per year

Your advert would look like this: 

Please email us for instructions of how to add your accommodation


We highly recommend you also consider advertising with the following website officially one of the highest ranked holiday accommodation website on Google and Yahoo............

Also, For Anyone Interested ........................

We would consider offering you the opportunity to be the only advert on the page of your choice.

Let us explain:

As an example, our page has a number of listings and all enquiries are dealt with directly by us.

Well, If you had an apartment in dominion beach you could negotiate a price for your property to be the only property on the page. Here is how dominion beach would look then: 

While you are on this page click on the photo to see how you're property would be displayed (note that your address and contact details would be listed on the property page and all enquiries would be directed to you)

Yes that's right, your property exclusively on the page - no competition and lists of other peoples rentals.

 Advertising with the top sites now days, will cost you up to 200 a year and you will probably be listed with 3 or 4 pages of properties, minimising your return of enquiries and bookings. Advertise on our page and all enquiries are directed to you, no competition on the page, no adverts for other sites, no catches.

This is a genuine opportunity to place your property at the top of the search engines and be the only listing.

Not sure where to start in offering a price for the page you are interested in?

Then email us for advice and an idea of what we think the page is valued at. We would rather have listings on the page as it helps our customers find a holiday, so if you have found a top ranked page with no listings, the chances are we will accept your offer.

Why would we offer this? Wouldn't we make more money listing all rentals on the page?

Well to be honest, we have some areas that are not available to advertisers. Pages we could not afford to offer to advertisers, as they are of great value to us. As we have pages all over the world, we have many pages we would rather have an advertiser displaying on, giving our visitors a more personal service, better knowledge of the resort and the property that they would be booking.

Why not send us an email with your enquiry - 

An email is free and you may find the reply we give you great value for money.

We very much hope we can provide an advertising service for you.


Not found an area yet, then take a look at all our areas:  


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